Mitsubishi Turbochargers

The turbocharger for Mitsubishi is designed for additional injection of air flow into the cylinders of the power plant. The mechanism works due to exhaust gases. Such a design is very effective, since the engine power increases to 42%

Signs of turbocharger replacement

In order for the turbo for Mitsubishi to work as long as possible, it is necessary:

  • change synthetic oils every 10 thousand km of mileage and filters;
  • apply turbo timers;
  • monitor the oil level in the engine.

Sometimes a turbine breaks down unexpectedly in one second.

Causes of turbine failure:

  • Oil deficiency
  • Ingress of mechanical particles into the compressor.

Most often, the mechanism fails for a long time, due to resource depletion.


  1. Extraneous noises appear.
  2. The smoke turns white or bluish.
  3. The pressure disappears or weakens.
  4. Oil and fuel consumption is increasing.

Stages of turbocharger replacement

Dismantling works begin with diagnostics. In addition, the air filter is checked, on which the normal operation of the unit depends.

  1. Inspection of the system supplying oil to the turbine, checking the bearings.
  2. Ensuring reliable and safe sealing. Each compressor connection must be provided with the necessary level of sealing.
  3. Complete oil change in the turbine.
  4. The tightness of the unit is checked.
  5. Tests are carried out.

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