Toyota Turbochargers

Toyota is a leader in the automotive industry. Turbo for Toyota are well known in the world for their high efficiency, power and ability to accelerate the vehicle in a minimum period of time. From time to time, the turbine should be tested, cleaned, and some elements should be changed.

What is a turbocharger

The turbochargers for Toyota have compact dimensions, consists of two elements:

  • compressor;
  • turbines;

The mechanism is set in motion due to the incoming flow of gases. When the engine is running at high speeds, a large number of gases are formed, in which a large amount of energy is accumulated.

The operation of the turbine is to transform the energy of gases into a mechanical impulse. The compressor injects air into the power plant, which increases the fuel combustion rate. The engine gets an additional boost, the traction power and the number of revolutions increases.


  1. Power increases.
  2. The efficiency of fuel use increases.
  3. The turbo engine has small parameters.
  4. Increased torque and efficiency.

How to understand that a turbocharger needs to be replaced?

The decrease in thrust in the engine indicates that the turbine needs to be checked. No additional air is supplied, the amount of air mixture in the power plant is reduced.

Stages of turbocharger replacement.

  1. Access to spark plugs is released.
  2. Engine diagnostics is performed.
  3. The radiator is flushed (low pressure).
  4. The turbine is changing.
  5. Before assembly, it is required to drain the remaining oil.
  6. Old hairpins are changing.
  7. The oil supply tube is installed.
  8. Blocks are being assembled.
  9. A test run is being done at idle.


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