Turbo Actuators

An Overview On Turbo Actuator

What is a turbo actuator ?

A turbo actuator is a valve that diverts exhaust gases away from the turbine wheel — helping to control the speed of the turbine and prevent it from over-speeding, and in turn, regulating the speed of the compressor and so the boost pressure. This helps to protect the turbocharger from unnecessary wear, by capping the maximum boost pressure of the turbo at a safe level. A turbocharger uses a vehicle’s exhaust to power a turbine, which forces more air into the vehicle’s engine, to help it go faster.

What does a turbo actuator do?

The turbo actuator does a simple but vital job — it acts as a pressure relief valve that controls the boost output of your turbo, diverting excess exhaust gases away from the turbine wheel.
 This controls the speed of the turbine, preventing it from over-speeding, and regulating the speed of the compressor. Ultimately, this helps to protect the turbocharger from unnecessary wear and tear, by capping the maximum boost pressure of the turbo at a safe level.

How a turbo actuator works?

A turbo actuator is a fairly simple piece of equipment — it features a spring and a diaphragm. The spring holds the wastegate shut until the boost pressure reaches a set level, and then opens, allowing the gas to escape and reducing the boost pressure.

Turbo actuator problems

As with all components, things can go wrong with your turbo actuator. Over time, the pressure and heat will start to take its toll, which can weaken the spring. This can lead to the wastegate opening earlier than it should, reducing the boost pressure and performance of your turbo. The diaphragm can also fail, meaning that the valve will no longer open. This can lead to the boost pressure rising to the point that it causes serious, catastrophic damage to your engine! A faulty electronic actuator will cause the vanes to open even at low loads or fail to open the vanes when the load is high. This will cause your vehicle to lose power and the engine light on your dashboard will light up. A defective turbocharger electronic actuator should be replaced at once to prevent any further damage to the turbocharger and the engine.

Are there any alternatives to replace the turbo actuator?

Most often, A separate OE actuator is not available in the market, if you need to have a replace, you have to buy the whole turbo unit at a quite high price which is not that necessary. Usually remanufactured turbo is just a retrofit of turbine vanes and the exterior. But because of the technology bottleneck, electronic turbo actuators can not be remanufactured so that it has to be remained the original one. In auto aftermarket, it’s not hard to find out a high quality turbo charger, but not for the actuator. Especially to seek out the very suitable actuator with superior performance and high matching. Ecmovo electronic actuators are well redesigned and fully meet the OE specifications. Quality has been well improved to achieve the same or even longer serve life compared to OE. All our actuators are well-built and thoroughly tested and come with a two years warranty. More importantly, we help customers to lower cost up to 40%. Ecmovo LTD actuator is always the optima alternative option to replace the turbo actuator at the most unbeatable prices.

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