Honda Turbochargers

It is difficult to imagine our current society without cars. And un turn they would be much less useful without internal combustion engines. Power of these devices is largely due to the so-called turbochargers. They are an important part of the charging system. They are used to make the pressure in the intake tract increase.

Honda turbo are fairly simple in their design, but very useful. They provide a great upgrade in effectiveness to the car engines without making too many changes to their design. They take an energy of exhaust gasses to force a flow of fuel-air mixture into the chamber even stronger. It allows combustion temperature to rise, expanding the gasses and allowing them to create even higher pressure. This increases power up to 20-50%.

Signs that you need turbocharger replaced

Turbocharger failure is a serious problem. First of all it leads to a decrease in engine performance. And there are also a number of other problems caused by it:

  • increased fuel consumption;
  • increased oil consumption;
  • the engine may “go crazy”;
  • too much boost can damage engine parts.

Therefore, it is important to promptly identify signs of problems and replace the turbocharger in a timely manner. Its faulty condition may be indicated by:

  • too much smoke or its unusual colour;
  • loud noise or whistles;
  • jamming or slow action of the engine itself;
  • increased wear;
  • gap too large;
  • activation of the “Check Engine” icon on the dashboard.

Stages of turbocharger replacement

Replacing it is a very responsible operation and must be approached as such. That's why it is so important to first carry out a full diagnosis:

  • inspect the intake and exhaust systems;
  • replace oils, filters and cartridges;
  • check the oil supply line for damage or deformation.

If you ran all the diagnostics and concluded that the cause of the problem is indeed a turbocharger, then you need to strictly follow the algorithm:

  • install the compressor on the engine without using sealants, and remove it upon completion of the test;
  • fill the oil channel with clean material from the inlet;
  • connect the oil supply pipe to the turbine;
  • turn the impeller several times to moisten the bearings, it is important that the oil flows through the channel;
  • turn the engine until the lubricant flow becomes stable;
  • turn off the oil supply and run the starter for 30 seconds;
  • leave the engine running for two minutes;
  • after this, check the condition of the oil system for leaks and other problems.

It is important that the turbocharger does not start without oil supply. Cutting off the oxygen supply can cause new malfunctions.

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