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Oil Leak Tester. TurboClinic VNT`s add-on.

Oil Leak Tester. TurboClinic VNT`s add-on. VNT`s add-on. Oil Leak Tester.     High precision     VNT connection     Simple and intuitive...

Electronic Actuator Tester - turbosurgery.com Electronic Actuator Tester - turbosurgery.com
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Electronic Actuator Tester

EAT-2Turboclinic’s Electronic Actuator Tester empowers the turbocharger reconditioning industry with an intuitive and advanced tool that...


What Is A Turbocharger?

Setting a turbocharger on a vehicle's engine helps to improve its general performance. That's the key factor why best distributors provide turbochargers in a standard set. For example, the latest models of Chevrolet are equipped with turbocharging systems, and the number of turbocharger brands is constantly increasing.


Turbocharger parts:

  • two halves;
  • a shaft that joins them together.

Hot exhaust gasses are spinning the turbine connected with another one. The second turbine serves for stucking air with its further compressing in the engine. Such compression is an effective way for increasing power. The more air can be combusted, the more fuel will be processed to rise the overall performance.

Turbo Rebuilding Tools

Turbocharger repair may be required in the following cases: You may need to buy turbo equipment if your device needs to be rebuilt. In any case, the failure has to have a reason.

Among the most typical indicators we should mark:

  • a strange noise coming from the wheelbase to the contact with the housing;
  • extremely high loss of power due to lack of boost. Such issue can be accompanied by a black smoke.

Turbocharger Tools in The UK

We are the official supplier of TurboCentras equipment, so that we guarantee affordable prices and original production.

We offer turbocharger tools for sale:

  • turbocharger rotor locking tools;
  • balancing machines (can be used for rotors/shafts/cartridges);
  • stands of VNT devices (adjustable). Serve for tuning and testing of turbochargers VNT systems;
  • clearance equipment (airless/abrasive/dry, etc);
  • testers for actuators;
  • programming equipment f electronic actuators;
  • universal sets of turbo rebuilding tools (best solution for professional workshops).

Besides, we sell other turbocharger tools in Peterborough:

  • VNT Nozzle Rings keys (tool for dismantling);
  • pneumatic cutters;
  • pressure testing equipment, etc.

Turbocharger overhaul procedure requires quality inventory including hand tools and personal protective equipment to disassemble and assemble a device.

If you're looking for the best deal in the UK, we kindly ask you to contact our manager.