Holset turbochargers

Holset Turbochargers

The Holset high-tech turbocharger is a product that meets international quality standards. The idea for the development belongs to Holset Engineering, founded in 1952, which manufactures equipment in the UK for Cummins QSL, ISF, QSB, QSX, ISBe, 6CTAA, ISDe and DCEC engines.

Affordable Turbocharger Holset is the leader in the manufacture of turbochargers for all types of vehicles and their brands in Peterborough. Holset works closely with Cummins, under the division of Cummins' best distributor Turbo technologies.

When purchasing Holset turbines, you can check the confirmation of their originality. Each package includes a unique QR code.

The wide distribution of Holset Engineering in the United Kingdom is due to the high quality of its products, affordable prices and first-class service levels.

Principle of operation

Holset's innovative VGT turbochargers include an internally mounted turbine and compressor. The turbine wheel supplies exhaust gas, which guides the wheel upward from the turbine housing.

The treated gas drives the turbine wheel, then exits the turbine housing through the exhaust zone.

How to choose a turbo Holset

Careful selection of the turbocharger will provide confident boost threshold rpm, correct system narrowing. In addition, it will help to avoid overheating during intake and pressure drops across the exhaust system. Choosing the exact size of the turbocharger is also an important aspect.

  • Giving preference to a low boost threshold is relevant only if the client, for example, often whiled away time in traffic jams. The lower the boost threshold, the less power will be.
  • Requests may vary depending on the type of vehicle and its purpose. High-speed cars, for example, sports cars, the main fuel of which may be diesel, operate using large turbines, since they require a certain moment at medium speeds. For cars of a lower class, smaller holset turbochargers are suitable.
  • The diameter of the compressor wheel Turbo HX35 is 56 mm.
  • Holset turbo products are backed by a long term warranty. In addition to turbochargers, you can buy repair kits in the assortment and turbo cartridges.

Such a set is designed to minimize costs in the eventof a TKR failure. The disadvantage of buying arepair kit can be considered the complexity of theinstallation and the construction of a balancebetween the turbine and compressor wheel. Buy online turbochargers by Holset in catalog in Peterborough. Call us +7(814)-233-22-11