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This section about turbochargers features articles which explain the most salient topics of turbos. If you are here to know all about turbos or are looking for additional information to make your installation go off without a hitch, this section is for you. We hope that turbo enthusiasts will find this section interesting and useful. This page is basically a summary of the articles related to turbochargers/superchargers. You can click on the articles given in the list below for further information on turbos.

The turbocharger can either be a factory-fitted or an add-on component in a vehicle. Turbos which were originally considered as a part for racing cars have gradually made their way into mainstream vehicles as well, owing to the increasing needs of car owners. Turbochargers are enhanced versions of superchargers.

The turbocharger is used to push compressed air into the engine, allowing it to burn more fuel, thereby increasing the power generated by the engine. The main components of a turbo include: a turbine, compressor, central shaft, and the center housing and hub rotating assembly (CHRA). The turbocharger is powered by the exhaust gases. When the exhaust gases enter the turbo, the turbine which is connected to the compressor via a common central shaft, rotates. This in turn, rotates the compressor which sends the compressed air to the intake manifold.

Sometimes, all exhaust gases do not need to necessarily enter the turbo, as it may result in an increased intake pressure. A waste gate is included in the turbo to release the excess exhaust gases and keep the intake pressure at the optimal level. Often, an intercooler is included between the turbo and the engine's intake system to cool the compressed air from the turbo before it enters the engine. This serves two purposes: It protects the manifold from excessive heat; and by reducing the temperature of the intake air, it provides a better combustion and improved efficiency.

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17201-67010 CT12B Turbo repair kit CT12-50

Repair kit CT12-50 for turbocharger CT12BFor turbos with OEM numbers:17201-67010Suitable for vehicles of brands:ToyotaSuitable for car...